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A Munchery Miracle

A Munchery Miracle

So the holidays came out of NO WHERE yet again (and WHAT is with the tropical weather?? Let me wear my turtlenecks in peace!!!). It's one of my favorite times of the year, but finding the the time to sleep, yet alone cook, is difficult. Which is why my friends at Munchery are the BEST - Peyton hosted our crew for the annual Secret Santa exchange last week, and we enjoyed a delicious, chef prepared dinner delivered to her place by way of my office. Easiest entertaining ever. Happy week before Christmas!  :)

Also - side note - I did manage to catch my hair ON FIRE (I'm talking FLAMES) holding a candle trying to take pictures, but I escaped unscathed. Another #MuncheryMiracle.

Of couuuurse a spread from Murray's  to kick things off

Food under the tree :) 

Blonde elves taking over the kitchen!

Mashed potatoes, beet & gorgonzola salad, garlic broccoli, and chicken 

Cheers :)

The best tradition


Seriously, the food was SO good - and all it took was a little heating up

An apartment we all fit in!! #blessed

DESSERT! The pecan bark is a MUST

Burger Tues

Burger Tues

Greek Yogurt Mac n Cheese

Greek Yogurt Mac n Cheese