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Adventures with Olivia: Pt 1

Dates with Olivia are the best- she is a real foodie with an expansive knowledge of the New York restaurant scene. In fact, she has a master google doc of every single restaurant in the city with a complex color coding system that not only tracks when and where she goes but includes a rigid rating system. It is so top secret that I have only had the privilege of a catching glimpse of it once or twice on her phone. So besides being incredibly fun, Olivia is a good friend to have, as I rely on her to take me to the best restaurants in the city before they become trendiest tickets in town (Tremont, The Cleveland, and Buvette to name a few of my favorites).

This time around (a cold and sunny President's Day), we decided to forgo the hip dining spots of the moment and venture to a new New York staple, the Todd English Food Hall at The Plaza (a favorite of tourists and old school natives alike). We sat right at the oyster bar where I inhaled spaghetti and clams and Olivia enjoyed an asian salad. The food was delicious and the space itself is beautifully done (Mosaic marble floors! Wood panelling! Stained glass! I ate it all up. Literally.)

The Plaza always inspires a sense of glamorous times past and an appreciation of just what it feels like to be a New Yorker. Below are a few pictures from the day!


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