Welcome to The New Hostess! My name is Lucy.

 I love to document my adventures in food, entertaining, home design, and travel. 

I created this site with the hopes of inspiring everyday tastemakers by posting easy recipes and entertaining ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Cook Simple. Share Often. 

Poconos, through my Iphone

The other weekend a group of city girls caravaned into the wilderness  to celebrate our one-in-a-million Anna (whose love, unwavering support, and tireless loyalty  is much of the reason I have this site). We stayed in a beautiful old carriage stop in the mountains and visited her family farm she grew up on. Celebrations included horseback rides, hikes to secret falls, a rendition of Jessie's Girl with a local named Bob, an excessive amount of fresh cheese, quality time with a sassy mini horse named Raspberry, no cellphone service, a large collection of taxidermy, three birthday cakes, and our good friend Johnnie Walker. Happy birthday, Annie Bananie. xx


Simple Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Lemon Spaghetti with Clams